The Five Most Hated Phrases and words in Payment Processing

Hate on Old Typewriter's Keys.After browsing countless pages of payment processing contracts and purchasers information, and getting been told by countless confused and frustrated retailers, there are several choice words that actually grind my gears. These phrases and words are generally utilized in the instalments industry, and many start up business proprietors (and a few seasoned proprietors) get tossed off target with this frequently deceitful language. The list below outlines my five least favorite words to determine when reviewing a repayment processing company.

  1. Discount – This really is my least favorite word within the entire arena of payment processing. Normally whenever you hear the term discount regarding finances, you are receiving an offer. Who wouldn’t want the greatest possible discount for his or her processing rates? Right? Well in card payment processing, the “discount” is really the quantity that you’re billed (i.e., the quantity removed – or discounted – out of your product sales). Confusing, is it not? It’s completely counterproductive, but simply keep in mind that credit card merchant account rates abide by golf rules. You would like you discount to become as near to % as you possibly can. (Best of luck shooting below componen within this game…)
  2. Apply – That sounds so innocent doesn’t it? You’re just completing an application, like trying to get college. Hopefully you receive recognized! Regrettably, some providers make use of the word apply to mean basically exactly the same factor as register. This leads to numerous confusion around the merchant’s finish. They deemed that filling out the processing agreement was area of the application, but didn’t understand that it might bind these to the service. Let’s suppose every college you put on, upon acceptance, billed you for that approaching semester…
  3. As Little As – Oh, the way i hate this phrase. Are you able to let’s suppose your supermarket marketed “Prices as little as $.10!” simply because that’s price of the cheapest priced item within the store? That will appear pretty absurd, right? Well this is just what many payments providers do within their advertising. The “as low as” number is generally only the cheapest possible “qualified” rate. Watch out for firms that use this kind of deceitful marketing. This kind of stretch the reality attitude frequently permeates the whole sales experience of these companies.
  4. Liquidated Damages – No, this isn’t what you’ll get whenever your basement floods. This is exactly what you receive whenever your payments provider really wants to get you for your worth. In case your processing contract has language that enables for liquidated damages to become enforced and also you made the decision to shut your bank account before your term expires, then your processor has the authority to collect a particular number of the things they might have earned of your stuff during the period of the rest of your contract. The concept is the fact that by cancelling early, you’ve cost them “damages” that they are titled to, so that they will need immediately liquidate your future earning possibility to outlay cash. These charges could be 1000s of dollars for greater-volume companies.
  5. Auto-Renewal – At first glance that sounds useful. Why would i would like to undergo the problem of renewing my processing contract each year if this can simply auto-renew? Thanks, Acme Processing Company for searching out for me personally here! Oh wait… as it happens this isn’t a big favor whatsoever – a minimum of not for you personally. Let’s imagine you sign a 3-year contract that instantly renews for 2-year periods following the initial term expires. No problem, right? True – unless of course you possess an early termination fee. If six years after opening your bank account you need to close it, you still be billed for “early” termination because the entire contract renews, such as the termination fee section. Bad. Deal.

What exactly are your most hated phrases and words within the payment processing industry? There are plenty of others to select from! Tell us inside a comment. And look for our Blog for more tips for retailers.



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