Invoicing Software: Free or Compensated?


Things are better free, right? There is a certain attract not getting to cover the fundamental tools you have to keep the business running, particularly when you’re just beginning out. This fact may come as no real surprise to software developers, who’ve taken care of immediately the marketplace demand with a number of free invoicing programs.

But they are free invoicing programs useful, or will they prove the adage that you will get that which you purchase? The solution really depends upon your company. Let’s have a quick tour from the benefits and drawbacks:


  • Cost – This is actually the apparent one. Considering that cloud-based invoicing software has a tendency to depend on the subscription model, selecting a totally free program will typically help you save between $100 and $500 each year.
  • Quality – People have a tendency to affiliate “free” with shoddy quality … and in some cases, it’s an acceptable assumption. But several new invoicing programs – along with a couple of from the original copies – defy this stereotype. Some, like Debitoor, derive from the “freemium” model they’re just a scaled-lower form of the entire, compensated form of the program. Others, like Nutcache, would be the products of companies that also produce effective, compensated software. Either in situation, we’re seeing an increase of capital and sources in to the free software application market.
  • Solid Fundamental Functions – For fundamental functions (write a bill, send it by email, measure the level as compensated, maintain a summary of products available for convenient entry, etc.), free software application does equally well as compensated software. There isn’t any considerable difference backward and forward as long as you keep to the basics. When the fundamental software meets your requirements, there’s just pointless to cover features you will not use.


  • Branding – The old “no such factor like a free lunch” saying rings true here. You won’t be required to pay anything at all to utilize a free invoicing program … however the developers put effort and time and cash into creating, maintaining, and supporting this program. They have to recoup that cost in some way – plus they get it done through advertising. Their branding can look in your invoices – usually inconspicuously, but it’ll exist. You need to weigh whether this makes it worth while.
  • Poor Support – My experience is commonly that you simply don’t get nearly the amount of customer care having a free program that you simply do having a compensated program. You will find rare exceptions, but that’s the rule.
  • Less Advanced Features – While there’s some good free software application available, there isn’t any doubt that exist better quality software if you are prepared to pay. Features for example recurring billing are difficult to find in free software application (though some programs offer them). When you transfer to the sphere of automatic payment reminders and auto-billing, have no idea bother to appear. You’ll have to purchase individuals.
  • Scaleability – Since free invoicing solutions don’t provide the extensive selection of features you’ll get in compensated software, it might not be in a position to scale together with your business while you grow. It is not always a massive problem you could begin in one program and proceed to another later. But it’s something should bear in mind. Also, associated with that you could export your computer data from the program you utilize – free or compensated. Should you choose choose to switch, you shouldn’t lose data.


So what’s the decision? You’ll need to choose that on your own, according to your particular business and it is needs. For the best companies, free invoicing software represents a sensational deal … but it isn’t for everyone.

Katherine Miller

An itinerant wanderer, Katherine spent yesteryear year in Colorado, Chicago, and Nz. Many years being an independent contractor have familiarized her using the headaches that frequently accompany small company accounting, and she’s managed to get her mission to get the best tools to create things just a little simpler for brand new entrepreneurs. When she’s not busy investigating the intricacies from the latest accounting software, she are available focusing on a singular, trekking up mountain tops, and learning Krav Maga. (Though not often all at one time.)

Katherine Miller
Katherine Miller



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