Exactly what is a Virtual Terminal?

An online terminal is essentially the web version of the physical charge card terminal or Point-of-Purchase (POS) machine. It’s a software program that’s located online, usually around the service provider’s servers, and could be utilized from the internet connected internet browser.

An online terminal will help you to input your customer’s charge card information straight into an internet-based payment form, which you’ll then use to process a digital transaction.

To obtain a visual concept of exactly what a virtual terminal appears like, begin to see the picture below:

(Click to Enlarge)virtual terminal software

As you can tell, the virtual terminal web-form looks that just about any payment form that you’d find with an eCommerce website.

You simply complete the needed information, striking the “Submit” button.

In the past, Catalog Shopping or Telephone Order (MOTO) retailers were ideal candidates for any virtual terminal, given that they don’t get access to an actual charge card, however that has altered recently.

A couple of credit card merchant account providers (like CDGcommerce) now offer a USB charge card readers that connects for your virtual terminal, so that you can process card-present transactions through your pc.

Here’s a good example of what certainly one of individuals card readers appears like:


What exactly you need to do is connect this readers for your PC, which interacts together with your virtual terminal. Then, when you wish to process a repayment where you will find the actual physical charge card, you can easily swipe it with the readers. Pretty awesome!

The apparent benefit of using something similar to this is you won’t be required to buy/rent/lease a conventional charge card terminal if you are only processing retail credit transactions with no signature. The down-side obviously, is you can’t collect signatures or accept debit transactions. A minimum of, not.

When I pointed out above, I love the CDGcommerce USB readers option, but there are other and much more suppliers that offer this particular service, so check around.



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