Reduce Processing Charges through getting Processors to Compete for the Business


For individuals individuals that are looking an easy and quick method to compare charge card processing rates, you might like to take a look at

CardFellow enables retailers to produce a “reverse auction” which forces charge card processors to bid for that merchant’s business.

Here’s a fast explanation of the items a reverse auction is…

A reverse auction is a kind of auction where the roles of consumers are reversed. Within an ordinary auction (also referred to as a forward auction), buyers compete to acquire a good or service, and also the cost typically increases with time. Inside a reverse auction, sellers compete to acquire business, and costs typically decrease with time.

Here’s how it operates:

  1. You develop an “auction” by supplying some good info regarding your business.
  2. Pre-screened charge card processors invest in your bank account.
  3. You pick the right bid.

Like I stated, fast and simple!

I believe the most crucial factor regarding their service offering is they pre-screen all their partners to make certain it normally won’t ding you with garbage charges or lock you into contracts. All participating processors have to give you interchange-plus prices with no data plans otherwise it normally won’t result in the cut. Pretty good whatsoever!

CardFellow is free to make use of, however they do get a “finder’s” fee from whoever you join. Complete the shape below to obtain began.



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