Middle-Guys Who Are Really Worth Using

helping-handI know full well the credit card merchant account market is a hard maze to navigate, but I’ve got a hunch it’s said to be this way.

Maybe it’s said to be difficult, to discourage us from ever questioning our contracts. Maybe it’s said to be difficult, therefore we continue walking blindly into terms which are clearly not within our favor. Maybe it’s said to be difficult, so MSP’s could nickle and cent us month after month…you understand, right?

We have all seen it because of so many other industries. Companies making use to the fact that the majority of us are L.A.Z.Y! It requires a lot of motivation for all of us to alter anything, therefore we just let it rest alone. Just a little fee here, just a little charge there, no problem.

If you’ve had the opportunity to read any one of my posts, you will see which i could care less about preserving the “obscurity” mantra. Point in fact, I actually do all things in my capacity to educate retailers and expose any fraudulent companies or practices.

I’m guessing as my job to guide business proprietors lower your path with regards to locating a merchant company, and fortunately, I am not alone.

There are a few awesome sources appearing online that will help provide you with a fighting chance within this game (the keyword being “handful”). Hopefully later on we’ll have not only a couple of of those guys, until then, we’re pleased with those we have.

They vary from credit card merchant account consultants to payment operations auditor’s to reverse auction quote firms that help give you the cheapest price by getting MSP’s bid for the business.

All efficient ways to load the dice to your benefit.

The Credit Card Merchant Account Consultant

merchant-consultant-consultingBest of luck looking for one of these simple. My explore Google introduced back merely a couple of results, and many of them appeared as if consultants that provide a merchant account around the side…how convenient.

“So you’re saying that the easiest way that i can lower my charges would be to just transition for your company? That’s awesome Mr. Consultant! If only I would’ve found you earlier. Gee thanks!”

I’d be highly skeptical of credit card merchant account consultants which are also credit card merchant account providers themselves. If it is not a conflict of great interest, I do not understand what is.

Anyway, I found four talking to firms that look pretty reputable…

Air Talking to
Adam Pflaumer has Air Talking to resides in Temecula, Ca. Based on his bio, he’s experienced the payment processing business for fifteen years. That’s great and all sorts of, what matters in my experience is that if he is able to provide the goods…it appears like he is able to.

Apparently, Air Talking to creates a results-only basis, that is great. Their job would be to take a look at credit card merchant account statements and place places that they are able to decrease your charges. Then they negotiate the brand new terms together with your merchant company. When they don’t decrease your charges, it’s not necessary to pay for. Of course, make certain you clarify individuals terms prior to signing the dotted line.

To purchase a little more assurance, go on and contact all of the testimonials for auction on their website, and request some references too.

The Merchant’s Guide
Mike Shatz runs TheMerchantsGuide.com, that is an academic and talking to service site for merchant services. He’s been in the market for 25 years, and really offered as V . P . of Sales at Litle&Co, so it’s reliable advice he knows his Shat…sorry Mike…it’s the surname. 🙂

Mike has written a superb book about credit card merchant account charges known as: “Understanding Credit Card Merchant Account Charges In Card-Not-Present Environments” Wow! That’s a mouthful! But, a very informative book nevertheless.

Also, he offers both talking to services along with a payment operations audit, that might seem pretty technical, but it’s essentially exactly the same factor that Air Talking to does. He discovers where you’re spending an excessive amount of in charges, then tries to reduce them for you personally.

Phil Hinke who runs the web site MerchantFeeSavers.com. Phil is definitely an industry veteran with almost twenty years of charge card processing experience. He’s additionally a frequent cause of the most popular website Practical Ecommerce.

Similar to the others pointed out above, Phil will help you by serving as your consultant car application. He will help you audit your present statements to check on for savings possibilities. He is able to negotiate any terms for you personally continuing to move forward, then keep close track of your bank account or educate you on the way. Bottom line…He’d be considered a good person to possess in your corner.

Merchant Maverick
Yes, you see clearly right. I must give myself a shameless plug too. Visit my services page to find out more. 🙂

Credit Card Merchant Account Quote and Comparison Services

apples-to-apples-comparisonThis category continues to be in the infancy, and many retailers have no idea these types of services exist. The simplest way that i can explain the businesses I’m going to list is always to consider them because the LendingTree of merchant services.

All of them assist you in finding the best merchant company, much I love I actually do with my words, however they get it done with software.

CardFellow is really a price comparisons engine for that credit card merchant account industry. They collect your company information of your stuff, then operate a reverse auction by permitting merchant providers (MSP’s) to bid for the business. Then they help you in selecting the best provider.

The services are free simply because they get compensated through the ISO/MSP, which means you don’t need to bother about spending all of your own cash. CardFellow earns money by charging merchant providers a 1-time flat rate to put a quote.


It truly is unfortunate that as business proprietors we’re made to hire “go-between’s” to handle the first group of middle-men (ISO’s/MSP’s) to start with. As well as for what? Just to make sure that we’re not gonna get scammed?

To not discount the truly amazing service these folks offer, but when we’d just more transparency in the market, there wouldn’t be also an excuse for these types of services. Hold on, I almost forgot…

I almost didn’t remember that people reside in a world where the us government bails out banks towards the tune of two trillion dollars, then enables individuals same banks to function with impunity while average folks lazy consumers suit you perfectly.

Inside a world like ours, we need this kind of middle-man because a minimum of this option will work to bail us out. They’re great.



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