Simplify Your Shipping: Using Shipping Software to your benefit

If you’ve read our previous shipping article (or you’ve ever checked out a table of shipping rates), you will know shipping calculations are complicated.

Shipping expenses are determined based on lots of variables, together with a shipment’s weight, dimensions, and shipping zones. Calculating rates for everybody shipment could be time-consuming, and should you choose it wrong, you can finish up overpaying.

With the much involved with shipping calculations, I encourage all online sellers to think about adding shipping software for their current software systems.

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What’s Shipping Software?

Shipping programs are software programs that integrate together with your eCommerce platform to supply real-time shipping calculations for the products. Additionally, shipping software enables you to purchase and print shipping labels sitting at your computer.

These integrations are usually like SaaS subscriptions, and therefore you have to pay a regular monthly fee for accessibility software. Have a look inside your eCommerce platform’s marketplaces to determine what software offer pre-built integrations.

Why Would You Use Shipping Software?

Shipping software has numerous additional benefits. Listed here are a couple of reasons why you need to consider registering to a shipping solution:

  • Real-time shipping rates
    • Shipping solutions integrate with popular carriers to supply up-to-date shipping calculations. As the orders import to your shipping solution, these rates is going to be instantly calculated according to specifications regarding product weight, dimensions, and customers’ addresses.
  • Find shipping options rapidly
    • Shipping solutions don’t just calculate one shipping rate. You will be given an array of shipping options, all at different speeds, from various carriers, at different priorities. 
  • Reduced shipping rates
    • Most widely used shipping solutions make plans with large carriers to provide discounted shipping rates for their customers. These discounts is often as steep as 70% from the regular rate and therefore are certainly worth searching into.
  • Buy and print labels in the warehouse
    • Skip the visit to the publish office! Shipping solutions allow you to purchase and print shipping labels out of your work computer. You may also print packing slips to incorporate in your shipments.

How Do You Add Shipping Software?

Fortunately, generally, integrating shipping software by having an eCommerce platform is a straightforward process. There’s a couple methods for you to start integrating two programs:

1: Join a shipping solution. Enter your eCommerce platform’s URL or (or perhaps your login and password when motivated).

2: Discover the shipping software inside your eCommerce platform’s marketplace and click on “Add.” Then, follow all of those other setup guide.

Once you’ve integrated the 2, you’ll wish to make certain things are functional. Produce a couple of trial orders and click on “Sync” inside your shipping admin to make certain everything transfers over properly.

Why is a Good Shipping Software?

A great shipping software programs are one which meets your needs and makes shipping simpler. As to consider a shipping solution for the business, you need to look out for any couple of key features:

  • Bulk Printing Options
    • Print countless packing slips and shipping labels with a single click.
  • Excellent Shipping Discounts
    • We all know there are several pretty steep discounts offered by the best shipping solutions. Search for an appetizing offer prior to committing.
  • Capability to Personalize Labels
    • Make certain you can include your company’s logo and contact details for your packing slips.
  • Return Management Features
    • Look for the opportunity to include return shipping labels inside your shipments. Pay only for return shipping when individuals labels are utilized.
  • Worldwide Shipping Features
    • Should you ship across borders, make certain your shipping solution integrates with worldwide carriers.
  • Reporting Tools
    • View a listing of your shipments to determine in which you ship most often and how your shipments have a tendency to cost.

Most importantly, you need to search for simplicity of use. No software programs are useful should you can’t utilize it! Join any available trials. Test the program together with your eCommerce platform to make certain orders sync rapidly and precisely. Try purchasing and printing shipping labels. Dive into more difficult features to make certain the program are designed for your business’s specific needs.

And, whenever you encounter a problem, call your software’s support team. Make certain customer care is responsive, friendly, and useful.

Where Must I Start?

Because of so many shipping solutions available on the market, it can be hard to understand where to start searching. This is where we are available in! Check out our strategies for shipping solutions by touring through our top reviews.

We recommend you begin your research with this top-rated shipping software. Listed here are a couple of you can examine out:



ShipStation is among the best-known shipping solutions in eCommerce it integrates with virtually every popular eCommerce platform and customer relations software.

Plans range in cost from $9/month for 50 shipments to $145/month for limitless shipments. Each plan includes customer care and every one of ShipStation’s features. ShipStation offers enough features to aid most merchants’ needs, including:

  • Integrations for United states postal service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL accounts
  • Discounts on United states postal service Priority and Express mail
  • Shipping rates calculated and compared instantly
  • Batch-printing as much as 500 orders at the same time

You can test out ShipStation on your own by registering for a free 30-day trial, or discover more by studying our full review from the software.


ShippingEasy is among the most popular shipping solutions, mainly because it is possible to learn and comparatively affordable. You are able to ship 500 orders for $29/month and 6,000 orders for $99/month. Each part of prices includes more shipments, greater-level support options, and much more carrier options. ShippingEasy also provides a totally free arrange for retailers shipping less than $50/month.

ShippingEasy partners with United states postal service to provide as much as 45% off shipping rates, and integrates with major eCommerce platforms. Top features include:

  • A totally free Endicia account
  • Shipping status updates and real-time tracking
  • Individual or batch shipping

Check out our full 4.5-star overview of ShippingEasy or join a free 30-day trial to find out more.


Ordoro is really a shipping and inventory keeper that’s most widely known because of its dropshipping features. You may choose to buy a shipping-only plan or have Ordoro handle both shipping and inventory management.

If you opt to only use Ordoro’s shipping features, you will probably pay between $25/month for 700 orders/month and $129/month for limitless orders. As you’d expect, each step-up in prices includes capabilities. Ordoro supplies a free arrange for retailers shipping less than 50 orders/month.

As I’ve stated, Ordoro is a well-liked solution because of its dropshipping functionality. You are able to select products to ship from your supplier, and you may split orders to ship from multiple suppliers.

Ordoro’s additional features include:

  • Collect orders from multiple sales channels
  • Integrate with United states postal service, UPS, FedEx, and Canada Publish
  • Best-in-industry shipping rates
  • Tracking figures instantly delivered to customers upon shipment
  • Inventory management (if you opt to get it)

Additionally, Ordoro integrates most abundant in popular eCommerce platforms available on the market. Ordoro offers excellent customer care options and it is relatively easy to use. Check it out having a free 15-day trial or read our full review.

Explore Your Choices

As you can tell, there are many benefits of incorporating shipping software to your current system. Hopefully you’ll take time to undergo our shipping software reviews while you choose.

Carry on to the next article to learn to make use of your shipping techniques to attract and keep customers.

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