QuickBooks Pro (Desktop) versus. Xero

In Monopoly, there’s always that one person, that smugly lucky player who buys Boardwalk and Park Place first and puts three houses on every space despite the fact that everyone knows they’re likely to win anyway. For a long time, QuickBooks Pro was essentially that guy. However Xero, a comparatively new contender, has placed a bit around the board.

QuickBooks Pro was produced in 1992 while offering incredible accounting tools, positive testimonials, good integrations, and also the most extensive feature selection I have seen within an accounting program. It’s no question miracle traffic bot is among the primary selections of accountants worldwide.

Because of its part, Xero is really a robust, cloud-based accounting solution that rivals QuickBooks when it comes to capacity and recognition. It’s existed since 2006 while offering full-featured mobile phone applications, amazing customer support, access for limitless users, as well as an impressive feature selection.

During this game, will QuickBooks Pro or Xero emerge on the top? (Who’ll pass Go? Who’ll collect $200?) Well, that’s what we’re here to discover.

At Merchant Maverick, our goal is to enable you to pick a qualified software for your online business needs. To make your mind up simpler, we’ve carefully researched and tested both products. We’ll put QuickBooks Pro and Xero mind to mind by evaluating features, prices, customer experience, status, and much more, so it’s not necessary to.

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Champion: QuickBooks Pro

There is a reason QuickBooks Pro has this kind of excellent status. With regards to accounting, you cannot beat the abilities of QuickBooks Pro. Miracle traffic bot provides a strong chart of accounts, full journal records, fixed asset management, countless reports, and much more.

This doesn’t mean you need to discount your competition, though. Xero also offers strong accounting abilities while offering many of the same accounting features, just on the slightly less developed scale.


Champion: QuickBooks Pro

Features QuickBooks Pro Xero
Expense Tracking
Bank Reconciliation
Chart of Accounts
Fixed Asset Management
Managing Contacts
Accounts Payable
Time Tracking
Project Management Software
Tracking Groups
Print Checks
To-Do List
Florida Sales Tax
Tax Support
Importing & Conveying

While QuickBooks Pro and Xero offer most of the same features, QuickBooks Pro has much more developed features. Additionally, QuickBooks Pro offers key functions like project management software which Xero lacks.

As it pertains lower into it, QuickBooks Pro is nearly unbeatable when it comes to accounting features, unless of course you upgrade to a whole ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.


Champion: Tie

QuickBooks Pro and Xero offer two completely different prices structures.

QuickBooks Pro is really a in your area-installed software that costs $299.95 for any single user. Payroll is the one other $39/mo, phone support is $89/3mo, and live bank feeds are $10-$15/mo. When you buy QuickBooks Pro, you download the program on your computer. The license will work for 3 years (then Intuit discontinues support for that software).

As cloud-based software, Xero provides a monthly subscription structure with five prices plans varying from $9/mo – $180/mo.

It’s difficult to say which software programs are cheaper because there are plenty of variables. For instance, the QuickBooks Pro license should last 3 years. If you are using the program for 3 many do not need additional users, this route can save you some cash. However, the additional costs of QuickBooks Pro accumulate rapidly.

If you would like limitless users, payroll, live bank feeds, and powerful customer care, then Xero will most likely be considered a better bet. For this reason this remains a tie. We advise crunching some figures to determine what software programs are a far more cost-effective choice for your particular business.

Note: These two choices are ideal for mid- to large-sized companies or small companies which require very developed accounting. Small companies that do not need such complex accounting may want to have a look at our other accounting reviews for any more appropriate option.

Software or hardware Needs

Champion: Xero

Xero works with nearly any device, as long as you possess an Web connection and therefore are using among the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Ie 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 8+

As in your area-installed software, QuickBooks Pro has very specific hardware needs. QuickBooks Pro is just suitable for the next programs:

  • Home windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • Home windows Vista
  • Home windows Server 2003 (SP2), 2008, 2008 (R2), 2011, and 2012

Xero wins this category since it is a practical solution for many users, whereas QuickBooks Pro is a lot more limited.

Users and Permissions

Champion: Xero

Xero offers limitless users in most five of their prices plans. The organization also provides a few of the most powerful user permissions in cloud accounting. QuickBooks Pro only grants one user per license and extra users cost $250 each. It’s easy to understand which solution is the best for multiple users.

Simplicity of use

Champion: Xero

While both QuickBooks Pro and Xero have steep learning curves, Xero is a lot better to wrap your mind around—especially for users who have no idea accounting. Furthermore, Xero has far better support sources together with a comprehensive help center that walks you thru virtually every feature and performance within the software.

Mobile Phone Applications

Champion: Xero

As QuickBooks Pro doesn’t offer mobile phone applications (being in your area-installed software), Xero may be the obvious champion here. Xero provides a mobile application for iPhones (iOS 9+) and Androids. You will find a number of user complaints the mobile phone applications are restricted and buggy, but anything is preferable to nothing, right?

Customer Support and Support

Champion: Xero

Xero is hands lower the champion here, offering incredible customer care. Representatives are prompt and well-informed. The organization offers strong support sources together with a comprehensive help center, software training, and small company guides.

QuickBooks, however, offers poor customer care generally. In addition to this, the give you support do receive is amazingly overpriced. If good customer support is essential for you, there isn’t any question about which software programs are best in connection with this.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Champion: QuickBooks Pro

Within this category, the ‘winner’ is much more such as the loser. QuickBooks Pro has much more negative complaints than Xero. Granted, the program has existed considerably longer than Xero and it has more users, so there’s a larger pool of reviews. Still, 1/5 stars on Consumer matters doesn’t look great (whether or not the rating is perfect for all QuickBooks products, not only QuickBooks Pro). The most typical complaints center around QuickBooks Pro’s steep learning curve, poor customer support, and compelled upgrades.

Positive Testimonials and reviews

Champion: Xero

Overall, Xero users are really pleased with their encounters. The program receives 4.4/5 stars on GetApp and 4.3/5 stars on G2Crowd. On a single site, QuickBooks Pro receives 4.1/5 stars, so the organization continues to be doing something right when it comes to customer experience.


Champion: Xero

Xero offers over 500 integrations when compared with QuickBooks Pro’s 115 integrations. Additionally to ample add-ons, Xero also provides built-in live bank feeds (QuickBooks Pro charges an additional $10/mo -$15/mo with this based on your banking institution). If integrations you need, Xero is what you want.


Champion: Xero

This category is a touch unfair. With in your area-installed software, you’re in charge of your security. What this means is there’s no built-in security. However, in your area-installed software can be more secure than cloud-based software knowing how you can increase your data security (see our article How you can Help You Stay In your area Installed Accounting Software Secure to learn more).

As cloud-based software, Xero has generated-in security right from the start. Xero offers a few of the most powerful security safeguards available. For many users, we figure the ease of security that’s taken proper care of for you personally outweighs the additional security steps in your area-installed software requires.

And also the Overall Champion Is…

QuickBooks Pro vs. Xero

Returning to our earlier metaphor, the holder of Boardwalk and Park Place wins again. Even though Xero required a lot of the groups, QuickBooks Pro won the groups that matter most—accounting featuring. With regards to accounting software, you simply can’t beat QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks Pro has probably the most developed accounting tools available on the market. It provides a fantastic quantity of features and every feature is extremely developed. Although there’s a high learning curve, the UI is of interest and extremely simple to navigate. The client support services can use improvement and additional users may come in a hefty cost, making the program a perfect solution for promising small to large companies with simply a couple of users and large needs for complex accounting.

While Xero didn’t win this match, the program set up an amazing fight. Xero is really a robust accounting solution with complex features, limitless users, positive testimonials, and great customer care. Miracle traffic bot is fantastic for mid- to large-sized companies, or companies searching for any scalable software which will grow using their company. (That’s precisely why we’ve referred to it as the “Best Accounting Software for Bigger Companies.”)  The software programs are also simpler to understand than QuickBooks Pro and it has all the benefits of a cloud-based software, including mobility and ample integrations.

Simply because QuickBooks Pro may be the champion here does not necessarily mean that it is the best option for the company. You may require the mobility of Xero, or you want to look at another program entirely. Regardless of the situation, our comprehensive reviews can help you produce an educated decision on your search for that perfect accounting software.

Read our full QuickBooks Pro and Xero reviews to learn more. After doing all of your research, take benefit of the disposable trials available and achieve by helping cover their any queries you’ve on the way.

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