How To Setup A QuickBooks Pro Account

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How To Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

QuickBooks Desktop Pro generally is one of typically the most popular accounting solutions available, but it isn’t always probably the most intuitive. That is why we’ve produced a QuickBooks Desktop Pro 101 Series which walks you thru all you need to know. From establishing your account to adding contacts to delivering the first invoice, we’re here to assist all the way.

To start this series, we’re going for a leaf from Julie Andrews’ book and beginning in the beginning (it’s an excellent starting point). In the following paragraphs, not simply will we take you step-by-step through creating your bank account, we’ll also explain the important thing preliminary steps you need to consider before you begin while using software to operate your company.

This primary article is extended, but we promise it’s worthwhile. Lounging a powerful foundation is integral for your business’s success lower the street.

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Install QuickBooks Pro On Your Pc

Firstly, you’ll need to download QuickBooks Pro on your computer. Before you decide to do that, consider the QuickBooks Pro hardware needs to make sure your pc helps make the grade.

Should you haven’t done this yet, it’s important to buy a QuickBooks Pro license. There’s two methods to purchase the software:

  1. From the QuickBooks Pro website (for $299.95, cost usually discounted)
  2. From the local office supplies store like Staples (cost varies by store)

Step One: Begin The Download

Should you purchased your QuickBooks Pro license from Intuit’s website, you will be provided permission number and product number. It’s important to have these figures handy to create your bank account.

After you have these figures, see your order confirmation and then click the “Start using Quickbooks Pro now” button or visit this download connect to install QuickBooks Pro on your computer. Make certain you’ve selected the best form of QuickBooks Pro prior to starting the download.

Should you purchased your license inside a store like Staples, you’ll discover the license and product number on the rear of your QuickBooks Pro box. After you have these figures, open the package and insert the disc to your computer to start the download. Following this point, cellular phone and setup processes are identical, whichever way you purchased the program.

Note: The download will require quite a while.

Step Two: Accept The License Agreement

When the download is finished, you’ll automatically get to a screen that appears such as this (except it’ll say 2018):

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Click “Next” then accept the QuickBooks Pro License Agreement.

Step Three: Enter Your License & Product Figures

Next, go into the license and product figures we pointed out earlier.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Four: Select Your Setup Process

Finally, select your setup process. Choose either “Express” or “Custom and Network Options.”

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

QuickBooks Pro recommends Express, that is what we should chose for the sample company, however, you can click on the question mark icon towards the bottom left-hands corner from the screen to learn which method fits your needs.

Once you’ve selected the proper setup option, QuickBooks Pro will finish installing.

Make Your Account

Once you’ve installed the program, you can start creating your QuickBooks Pro account.

How to Setup A QuickBooks Pro Account

You may either begin with scratch or convert your overall software data. With this publish, we will produce a completely new account so we’ll select “Start Setup.” But if you wish to convert data, click on the “Other Options” drop-lower menu and make reference to QuickBooks’ Getting Began Help guide to learn to convert software files.

Step One: Incorperate Your Company Name

Key in your company’s company name.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Two: Select Your Industry

Select your organization industry. Click on the “Help me choose” link for any drop-lower menu of choices.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Three: Select Your Company Type

Pick the appropriate business type in the drop-lower menu. You need to know this, but you may use the “Help me choose” link for further help.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Four: Incorperate Your EIN

Key in your Worker Identification Number. Click the question mark icon to acquire more information relating to this step.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Five: Enter Your Company Address

Incorperate your business address such as the proper city, condition, zipcode, and country.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Six: Incorperate Your Company Telephone Number

Finally, incorperate your company telephone number.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Once all this information continues to be completed, click on the “Create Company” button towards the bottom right-hands corner. You’ll know your organization file was effectively produced because you’ll automatically get to a screen that appears such as this:

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Familiarize Yourself With QuickBooks Pro’s Organization

When you initially open QuickBooks Pro, it’s really a little overwhelming. Within this section, we’ll break lower the fundamental organization so that you can be navigating the program very quickly.

First, you will see a home screen.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

After I saw the house page initially, it appeared as if a lot of random icons. There’s a rhyme and need to the madness, however. Each icon represents a vital feature in QuickBooks Pro. These icons are sorted into five sections:

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Company
  • Banking

Additionally towards the Desltop, there’s a menu around the left-hands side from the screen that reads Home, My Opportunity, Earnings Tracker, Bill Tracker, Calendar, Snapshots, Customers Vendors, Employees, Bank Feeds, Docs Reports, Order Checks, Add Payroll, Charge Cards, Services, User Licenses, and Feedback.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

These menu options (or ‘shortcuts,’ as QuickBooks calls them) are totally customizable. Clicking one of these simple shortcuts will give you right to the correlating feature.

Underneath, you will see My Shortcuts, View Balances, Run Favorite Reports, and Open Home windows.

While both Desltop and shortcut menu will give you to features in QuickBooks Pro, the region you’ll wish to understand probably the most may be the Fast Access Toolbar towards the top of the screen. The toolbar reads File, Edit, View, Lists, Favorites, Company, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Banking, Reports, Window, which help.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

You’ll make use of this toolbar similar to you would employ the toolbar in Ms Word or Google Docs. Each toolbar tab goes to some drop-lower menu having a comprehensive listing of features connected with this tab.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

I understand it’s a great deal to consume, but take it easy. There’s an opportune search bar within the top left-hands corner which you can use to get where you’re going around.

Edit Preferences

The Preferences section is QuickBooks Pro’s form of Settings. You’ll wish to spend a significant chunk of your energy filtering through settings and editing the countless preferences options in QuickBooks Pro.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

The preferences you need to choose will be different considerably from business to business, therefore we won’t take you step-by-step through each step this time around, but we can provide you with a concept of a few of the settings you are able to alternation in your organization preferences:

  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Let the inventory feature
  • Let the time tracking feature
  • Add integrations
  • Accept online payments
  • Edit bill defaults
  • Set automatic invoice reminders
  • Add florida sales tax
  • Select a default shipping method
  • Switch on 1099 filing

Make sure to always click on the blue “Okay” button within the top right-hands corner of the screen in order to save your requirements. You have access to Preferences by visiting Edit > Preferences, then choosing the category you need to edit in the menu around the left-hands side from the screen.

Incorperate Your Company Information

Once you’ve edited your requirements, there’s some critical company data it’s important to add before you begin while using software.

Gather and go into the following data into QuickBooks Pro:

  • Your contacts
  • Your vendors
  • Your products (or services)
  • The employees

You can include these details by hand or import existing files into QuickBooks Pro directly. We cover how you can Import A Chart of Accounts, Import Customers, Import Vendors, and Import Products step-by-step.

Make Your Chart Of Accounts

Establishing a chart of accounts is among the greatest secrets of having your finances so as. Based on Merchant Maverick’s How To Setup A Chart Of Accounts publish:

A chart of accounts provides a method to organize financial information. It is almost always split into five groups: assets, liabilities, equity, earnings, and expenses.

There’s two methods to make your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Pro. You may either export an existing chart of accounts or produce a completely new chart of accounts.

For those who have a current chart of accounts, you are able to import it by visiting Lists>Chart of Accounts>Accounts>Import from Stand out. Then stick to the stages in our How You Can Import A Chart of Accounts Into QuickBooks Pro publish.

If you’re developing a chart of accounts the very first time, take it easy. QuickBooks Pro has your back. Remember long ago whenever you were establishing your bank account coupled with to pick a business type?

QuickBooks Pro makes use of this industry to produce a default chart of makes up about your organization. For the sample landscaping company, Gaffer Gardening, the default chart appears like this:

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Now, this doesn’t mean your work is performed. It’s important to delete unnecessary accounts, edit existing accounts to higher match your business, and add accounts that aren’t present.

You’ll find choices to delete, edit, or add accounts under List>Chart of Accounts>Accounts.

To find out which kind of accounts you’ll need, or to understand more about developing a chart of accounts generally, read How to setup A Chart of Accounts.

Connect With Your Accounts

You’re so near to having the ability to move ahead out of this lengthy publish and start running your company, but there’s yet another factor you must do. Finally, you’ll wish to connect your QuickBooks Pro account and your money. (You may choose to by hand import your banking information rather of choosing live bank feeds, but live bank feeds seriously make existence simpler).

To connect with your money, visit Banking>Bank Feeds>Set up bank Feed to have an Account.

Step One: Select Your Bank

Find your banking provider.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Two: Sign In To Your Money

Next, you will be requested to sign in for your requirements making use of your banking password.

How to Set Up A QuickBooks Pro Account

Step Three: Connect To Your Bank

Each bank handles this method just a little differently, so stick to the directions in your screen for instructions.

You’re Ready For Business!

Congratulations! You’ve formally setup your QuickBooks Pro account. Since you’ve produced your bank account, learned how you can navigate the program, and added all your company information, you can begin using QuickBooks Pro to effectively run your company.

For those who have any question on the way, don’t overlook the Help tab in your QuickBooks toolbar. You may also look into the QuickBooks community for added help or leave us a remark below. We’re always here to assist.

Talking about help, still follow our QuickBooks Desktop Pro 101 Series to learn to handle fundamental features like delivering invoices, tracking time, and managing projects.

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