Team Bio Series — Jason Vissers (Ramen Lover)

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This week on “Meet The Merchant Maverick Staff” we’re learning to love Jason Vissers, our resident website builder reviewer and crowdfunding expert. Among other things, Mr. Vissers has the distinction of making me laugh out loud while editing — no simple feat. When he’s not putting his editor in stiches or writing commentaries on modern American culture disguised as GoFundMe reviews, Jason is doing…what exactly? Read on to find out.

Name: Jason Vissers

Title: Writer — Website Builders, Lenders, and Crowdfunders

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current city: San Diego, CA, though I spend a lot of time in PA with my girlfriend, who definitely exists, I swear.

Education and background: B.A. in Political Science from SDSU. I went to a party school but forgot to party. Whoops.

I’ve held a wide variety of jobs, from writing for a short-lived local weekly paper (any San Diegans out there remember the Fahrenheit?) to working the registers at a major fabric-and-crafts retailer. I hesitate to tell you which one because I still have waking nightmares where I’m being harassed by a bellicose grandmother in a sequined baseball cap pointing to her five-foot-long receipt demanding to know why her 40% off item coupon got applied to her Swarovski crystals and not her ceramic corn cob.

Those crafters have long memories.

Merchant Maverick department/specialty: I started out exclusively covering website builders. Since then, I’ve started writing about online lenders and crowdfunding platforms as well.

How did you discover Merchant Maverick?: My co-worker and sister Shannon let me know about the position. I jumped at the chance, and poof, here I am!

Proudest professional moment: As good as it feels to get my reviews and articles published here, my proudest professional moment has to be the time I wrote a feature article in the Fahrenheit in which I attempted to rank the beaches of San Diego according to the taste of their ocean water. The Fahrenheit didn’t have a lot of writers, so they just let me run with whatever nonsensical idea popped into my head. It was a different time…

Favorite Merchant Maverick post/moment/opportunity: Probably my article on website monetization. I spend a good while compiling the info, and I like to think my GIF game was on point.

What do you do when you have a day off?: I’ll probably go get some ramen at Mitsuwa, then play video games and watch stupid YouTube videos until I fall asleep under the reassuring glow of the warm screens.

What fictional character do you most resemble and why? Back in high school, someone told me I look like Principal Skinner from The Simpsons. Whatever.

Favorite TV shows: The Simpsons, Get A Life (most criminally underrated show of all time), NewsRadio, Mr. Show, The Young Ones, anything Tim & Eric-related, Twin Peaks, Nathan For You, and of course the incomparable Rock Of Love, particularly season 3 — the one with the bus.

Favorite ‘90s song: Hmmm… I could be douchey and name something super-obscure, but instead, I’ll say…a tie between It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube and Common People by Pulp. An honorable mention goes to Amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovic.

Favorite breakfast food: All of it, all the live long day. But especially pancakes.

What are three items on your bucket list?:

  • Go to Japan and eat all the ramen
  • Learn how to play Devo riffs on the guitar (I cannot play the guitar)
  • Learn how to cook (anything)

If you could travel back in time and talk to your past self, what would you say?: Hi, me. I don’t have much to say since I haven’t really gained any wisdom or insight over the years, but here is an almanac containing the scores for future sporting events.

Mac or Windows?: Windows! Back in the days of yore, if you were into computer games, the PC was really your only option, as most games didn’t get a Mac release. I’ve stuck with PCs ever since, mainly out of habit.

You’re given an unlimited travel budget. Where do you go?: I’m planning a future trip to Japan. There are districts of Tokyo I want to visit because I’ve been there in Persona 5. I’m not even kidding. (Amazing game, by the way — using my authority as reviewer of things, I give it five stars).

Jason may be self-deprecating (Principal Skinner indeed!), but he’s one of our favorite writers here at Merchant Maverick. I for one will never be able to enter a Joann’s Fabrics without thinking of him fondly. And I’m sure I speak for all of us here when I say that, next time we are munching on Top Ramen, we’ll spare a thought for our favorite Simpsons aficionado. Stay tuned for the next installment in our team interview series, or go back and read the whole collection.

Julie Titterington

Julie Titterington is a writer, editor, and native Oregonian who lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley with her husband and two small children. When she’s not writing or testing software, she spends her time reading early 20th century mystery novels, staring blankly at her iPhone, and attempting to keep her kids fed, clothed, and relatively uninjured.

Julie Titterington
Julie Titterington



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