Team Bio Series — Jessica Dinsmore (The Old Woman In The Shoe)

This week, we’re continuing our Merchant Maverick team interview series with Jessica Dinsmore, our favorite customer service rep. Jessica supports our team in virtually every possible way, but she’s so much more than just a de facto office manager and internet troll-slayer. She’s also a bargain shopper who thinks Costco would be a fun destination for a no-holds-barred shopping spree. She’s weird, in fact, which means she fits right in here. Read on for a more in-depth look at what Jessica brings to the table.

Name: Jessica Dinsmore

Title: Girl Friday

Hometown: I spent my younger years in Southern California, but I consider my hometown to be the small farming community of Canby, Oregon.

Current city: Canby, Oregon

Education and background: I studied Real Estate Law at Portland Community College, and worked in residential and commercial real estate for several years, both as a broker and an assistant.  I also spent nearly a decade in healthcare administration and employee staffing.

Merchant Maverick department/specialty: Customer Support, administrative support, and just about anything that isn’t writing reviews. I work behind the scenes doing outreach, blog moderation, responding to reader comments and emails, updating links and lots more.

How did you discover Merchant Maverick?: Craigslist!  Honestly, I thought the opportunity was too good to be true, and therefore a scam.  Shortly after I was hired, I met our managing editor, Julie, for coffee in real life, and she confirmed that the company was, in fact, both legit and amazing.

Proudest professional moment: I think it was probably closing my first real estate deal. Finally getting paid for months of work and out of pocket expenses felt pretty great. However, I now feel more pride working for Merchant Maverick. It is really an incredible company.

Favorite Merchant Maverick post/moment/opportunity: Meeting our team in real life, after months of co-working remotely, and realizing what a genuinely bright and interesting group of people I work with!

What do you do for fun?: I love interior design and bargain shopping! I’m a sucker for a good deal.  If you compliment me on something, I will most likely respond enthusiastically with how little I paid for said item. The better the deal, the more I enjoy it.

What literary character do you identify most with and why? Does the old woman who lived in a shoe count? Just the first two lines, I promise! I’m a tired mama; it’s relatable.

Favorite movie: That’s too hard!  I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, but I did enjoy Amelie, and Fiddler on the roof is a classic.

Favorite ‘90s song: Strangelove by Depeche Mode, though it is technically from the late 80’s, I didn’t hear it until the 90’s, so I’ve decided it qualifies.

What would you eat for your last meal?: Avocado Eggs Benedict and/or all the side dishes from a traditional Thanksgiving feast… plus wine and cookies.

What place have you always wanted to live?: Switzerland seems like a good choice; happiest place to live in the world!

If you could have lunch with any person, past or present, who would it be?: My dad.

Mac or Windows?: Windows

You’re given an unlimited budget at one retail store. Where do you go? What do you buy?: The obvious and practical choice would be Costco. I’d literally buy multiples of everything!

Well, there you have it. Jessica Dinsmore: Craigslist-answerer, avocado lover, bargain shopper-extraordinaire. Despite her claims otherwise, Jessica is neither old nor a shoe-dweller, and our team is so much richer because of her (our comment boards are sure less intimidating).

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