Business Credit Cards With The Best Reward Programs

In many cases, a good rewards program sets a credit card apart from its peers. Businesses can then take advantage of a rewards program to save money and earn bonuses. Depending on how much a business spends, it could net thousands of dollars in rewards every year.

However, not every rewards program fits every business. For instance, some rewards programs grant more points at hotels—a boon for businesses that require frequent travel. Meanwhile, others give extra rewards for purchasing office supplies—a great fit for businesses that are always improving their workspaces. There is simply so much variety.

After noticing this complexity, we at Merchant Maverick decided to do a thorough breakdown of the business credit cards with the best rewards programs. Read on through below!

Best For Cash Back Rewards: American Express SimplyCash Plus

American Express SimplyCash Plus


Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

13.99% – 20.99%, Variable

Put plainly, cash back business cards are an easy and convenient way to save money. With a cash back card, you earn back a certain percentage of what you spent each time you make a purchase. Cash back cards have the added bonus of usually being less complicated than points reward structures.

Why It’s Our Pick:

If you make frequent purchases at office supply stores and on wireless telephones, the American Express SimplyCash Plus is a no-brainer. That’s because this card features 5% cash back via statement credit for purchases within both categories (up to $50,000).

On top of that, American Express lets you pick one category on which to get 3% cash back (up to $50,000), allowing you to tailor the card to fit your business. Available categories in the 3% range include airfare, hotel rooms, car rentals, gas stations, restaurants, advertising, shipping, computer hardware, software, and cloud computing.

Besides those tiers, SimplyCash Plus offers 1% on all other purchases. In addition, there’s no annual fee and 0% APR for the first nine months. To get full details, visit Merchant Maverick’s in-depth review.

Honorable Mention: Chase Ink Business Cash

Chase Ink Business Cash

Apply Now

Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

14.99% – 20.99%, Variable

Like SimplyCash Plus, Chase Ink Business Cash offers 5% on purchases at office supply stores. Instead of just wireless telephones, this card also features 5% on internet, cable, and phone purchases. However, the rewards cap out at $25,000 instead of $50,000. Additionally, Chase has set the second reward tier at 2% cash back (up to $25,000) and it’s only for gas stations and restaurants. All other purchases receive 1% cash back.

Still, this is a solid option if you’re looking for something different than what American Express is offering. Plus, it features no annual fee and a 0% APR for 12 months. Check out our complete review for all the details.

For more cash back cards, check out our best picks.

Best Airlines & Travel Rewards Program: Chase Ink Business Preferred

Chase Ink Business Preferred

Apply Now 

Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

17.74% – 22.74%, Variable

If your business requires lots of travel you may want to get a business credit card that includes benefits for airlines and travel. Getting a card with specific travel benefits could reap greater rewards than you’d get from just a standard cash back card.

Chase Ink Business Preferred gets our top pick for travel business credit card because you earn three points per $1 spent on travel (as well as on shipping, internet/cable/phone services, and online advertising). On top of that, points are worth 25% more if you redeem them for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Additionally, you can transfer your points on a 1:1 basis to other travel programs, such as United MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards. Get the full picture via Merchant Maverick’s review.

To compare more travel cards, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best business travel cards.

Best Hotel Rewards Program: Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card

Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card

starwood luxury amex

Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

17.49% – 26.49%, Variable

Businesses that spend a decent chunk of change on hotels may want to look for something even more specific than a generic travel rewards card. That’s because a card geared toward hotel rewards can offer you better rewards when used properly.

The Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card is our top pick because it doles out six points per $1 spent at participating SPG and Marriott Rewards hotels. Beyond that, you can earn three points per $1 spent at restaurants and airlines. Points can then be redeemed for free nights at SPG and Marriott Rewards hotels, as well as for flights and car rentals. Learn more by reading our review.

Best Rewards Points Program: American Express OPEN Business Gold Rewards

American Express Business Gold Rewards

amex business gold rewards review

Annual Fee:

$0 the first year, then $175


Purchase APR:

N/A (This is a charge card)

Going with a points-based system (instead of one that gives cash back) can be an excellent option should the points be redeemable for a service you frequently use. For instance, if you have a card that allows you to redeem your points on a specific hotel, you could be able to save money on bookings or get free room upgrades.

The American OPEN Business Gold Rewards charge card features an enticing and well-rounded points program. You get three points per $1 spent on the category of your choosing (out of airfare, advertising, gas stations, shipping, and computer hardware, software, and cloud computing), two points per $1 for each the four categories you didn’t choose, and one point per $1 on everything else. Points can be redeemed at an array of airlines, hotels, and merchants. Do note, however, that because this is a charge card, you’ll have to pay off your balance every month. Read Merchant Maverick’s review for more info.

Best Overall Rewards Program With No Annual Fee: American Express Blue Business Plus

American Express Blue Business Plus


Annual Fee:



Purchase APR:

12.99% – 20.99%, Variable

If you’re looking for a well-rounded rewards program with no annual fee, it’s hard to go wrong with the American Express Blue Business Plus. This card packs in two points per $1 spent (up to $50,000) on all purchases, making it very attractive to businesses that buy from a range of categories. After you pass the $50,000 threshold, you earn one point per $1. Beyond rewards, it features 0% APR for the first 15 months. Get squared away with all the facts in our review.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my personal credit score used to determine approval?

Yes, almost all issuers check with consumer credit bureaus when you apply for a business card.

How can I build my business credit fast?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to build credit fast. As long as you pay off your debts and keep your accounts from running delinquent, your credit score should rise. Find out more by reading the Merchant Maverick guide to building business credit.

Do I lose rewards on returned purchases?

In most cases, you will lose your rewards on returned purchases. However, you may be able to keep rewards points if you accept in-store credit for the returned item.

Will I lose rewards points if I pay my credit card balance early?

In most situations, you earn your points based on when you bought an item or service. It doesn’t matter when you pay your balance; you should still earn your reward points when paying the balance early.

How do I redeem my credit card rewards?

It depends on the rewards program. Some allow you to request cash back via statement credit or check. Others offer points you can redeem for gift cards, physical items, flights, car rentals, or hotel rooms.

Now What?

If you want to compare more credit cards for small businesses, visit our comparison page. Those with good credit may also want to check out the best business cards for good credit. Making a big purchase? Read up on our list of the best 0% intro APR cards.

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