What’s The Best Free Logo Maker For Your Project?

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Choosing the best free logo maker for your project is a frustrating process fraught with email signups, bad ideas, and wasted time. It’s tough to make a simple comparison because there is no such thing as an absolute “best free logo maker.” There is only the logo maker that is right for you considering all the tradeoffs with your time, needs, and goals.

Based on my experience working with many themes, graphic designers, and design software, there are a few that are a good fit for most people.

Best Free Logo Makers – Summary

  • Quality Designs
  • Useful Product Bundles
  • Pay to Download High Res

Tailor Brands

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  • AI Powered
  • Simple w/ Combinations
  • Free to Use & Download


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  • Unique Designs
  • Simple Website Bundle
  • Free Account Required


Check it Out

Focused on specific options?

Adobe Spark Logo is integrates with Adobe’s paid graphic design tools – try the tool here.

Fiverr Logo Maker combines templates with accessible designers (pay to download high res) – try the tool here.

Shopify’s Hatch Logo Maker is focused on ecommerce logos based on templates – try the tool here.

Considerations for Comparing Free Logo Makers

A logo maker is online software built to generate a logo for download & customization. They either use a set of templates that the user narrows via a questionnaire or it creates a logo from scratch that is borrows style elements from what previous users liked (usually styled as an “AI logo”).

Free to Use vs. Free to Download

There are plenty of free to use & download logo makers. But usually they have some “cost” with them.

Free to use makers can help you generate ideas, but you won’t be able to download for free. Free to download generators usually have some sort of catch, but do allow you to get the file for free.

The other hybrid is free with an account generated. Note that you always get what you pay for.

Copyright & Commercial Use

For free logo makers that promise free to use and free to download options, be sure to note the license. If it does not allow for commercial use, carefully note what you are going to use it for.

Logo Maker Generation

Some logo makers push their “AI powered” angle. This just means that instead narrowing templates, they are creating from scratch based on how your preferences match other user preferences. Ironically, you might end up with an oddly similar logo to someone else in your industry vs. using a traditional template powered. AI powered approaches are broadly better, but it’s worth testing different inputs.

Integrations & File Types

Nobody likes messing around with a fuzzy logo image. There are fine but essential differences between filetypes and resolutions. How & where you use the image matters too. Consider your time & frustration when using a single logo file everywhere your brand appears. Consider using a logo maker with an automated tool to crop & resize your logo.


Often there is a tradeoff between design and features. Do you want raw features or better design? How much do you value user-friendliness? Do clear buttons and a friendly tone matter to you – or do you just want solid functionality?

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